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A Long Island Construction Accident Attorney Can Help You

Many contractors and builders hire semiskilled laborers and technicians to complete construction projects in order to save money.

A number of them also use low quality raw materials that are cheap and hazardous. Such disregard for safety sometimes results in accidents that seriously injure construction workers. Despite their ignorance of the laws that protect these rights, these workers can turn to Long Island construction accident attorneys for legal advice and representation.

The term “construction accident” refers to any mishap that occurs on a construction site. These accidents occur because of failure to take standard safety measures. The company or the person in-charge of the construction site should be held accountable for medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering and other expenses resulting from construction accidents. In most cases, construction accidents are the result of someone’s negligence and carelessness.

Due to the numerous construction projects ongoing in Long Island, skilled laborers are in big demand. Unfortunately there are not enough to go around and some builders may hire less skilled workers. What’s more, they fail to take safety measures and provisions and thus explains the alarming frequency of construction accidents. ? Industrial accidents are common and are often caused by:

  • lack of training
  • failure to follow OSHA training
  • defective equipment

When these accidents occur, the consequences can be difficult for victims who may have sustained any of the following:

  • brain injuries
  • paralysis

• serious burns

The Role of Your Long Island Construction Accident Attorney

An injured worker should hire a Long Island construction accident attorney if the builder or the owner of the site and the insurance companies are unable or unwilling to be held liable for losses incurred. Your construction accident attorney should aggressively pursue justice on your behalf and make sure that those responsible will pay for every expense related to your injuries. Long Island construction accident lawyers can identify specific actions and failures to act that constitute unlawful negligence.

By doing so, your lawyer can work towards your workers’ compensation benefits, insurance claims against contractors, subcontractors, and other employees, defective and dangerous product lawsuits against equipment manufacturers, designers, and distributors, other negligence claims.

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