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3 Examples Of Unsafe Working Conditions

Many people who work in all industries sustain injuries on the job every year in New York. Sometimes, injuries simply happen and are unfortunately unavoidable. However, there are a lot of workplace injuries that employees can attribute to unsafe working conditions.

Here are three examples of unsafe working conditions that employees might find in places of employment in New York.

1. Fire hazards

Fire hazards can exist in any industry, even those that people do not typically think of when they think about hazardous workplace conditions. For instance, an office building might have overloaded electrical outlets as a result of having too many appliances in the break room or too many electronics in someone’s personal office. The massive amount of heat generated by the overloaded outlet can potentially cause a fire in the building.

2. Defective equipment

Defective equipment is the cause of many workplace injuries. In factories, for example, faulty machinery can allow arms, legs and fingers to become stuck in the machine. On construction sites, poorly maintained forklifts and cranes can fall on workers, causing serious injuries. It is up to the employer to ensure that the equipment they use is up-to-date and safe for use.

3. Poorly trained employees

Poorly trained employees can be another sign of unsafe working conditions. Employees need to know how to handle the equipment that they work with, especially when dealing with equipment like heavy machinery.

By being aware of some examples of unsafe working conditions, employees and employers can take steps to eliminate those things from their job sites.

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