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3 Common Causes Of Boating Accidents

Both the warmer and colder months bring ample opportunity for enjoying the refreshing spray of open waters from in the waters themselves, along the shores and on the decks of boats. However, an increase in people making recreational use of lakes also means an increase in boating accidents.

According to the American Boating Association, in 2020 alone, there were over 5,000 boat-related incidents. While there are many potential causes of such accidents, some are more common than others.

1. Intoxication

In New York, it is illegal to operate a boat with a blood alcohol content level of 0.08% or higher or drugs in your system. This is because of the increased risk involved. In spite of this, individuals continue to drive boats while impaired by alcohol and drugs, which impact their motor skills and judgment-making ability, potentially leading to wrecks.

2. Operational Errors

A single mistake may lead to a serious accident. Negligence and distraction are two common reasons boat operators make errors. Even looking away for an instance may result in catastrophe. Drivers may also make mistakes because of inexperience.

3. Speeding

Just like with cars, driving a boat at excessive speeds is dangerous. The faster a boat’s speed is, the harder it is to stop or swerve in time to avoid a collision. It is important to obey the speed limit, which often varies depending on how close the boat is to areas like the dock and shore.

Boating accidents have the potential to be deadly. When operating a boat, it is imperative to remain alert and watchful and avoid risky behaviors like speeding and consuming illicit substances.

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