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2 Health Risks Faced By Office Workers

New York office workers might think they have cushy jobs, but an inactive lifestyle sitting behind a desk and typing away at a computer for hours at a time can lead to serious health consequences. Let’s take a look at two of the most common health problems faced by office workers:

Carpal tunnel syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a condition that comes with the repetitive use of the fingers and hands at a computer. When an office worker is typing for many hours without stopping, or clicking a mouse for days and weeks on end, the area of the wrist known as the “carpal tunnel” runs the risk of suffering from overuse and inflammation. The carpal tunnel is a nerve sheath through which the nerves of the hands and fingers connect to the rest of the body. When it becomes inflamed, a worker could lose the use of his or her hands due to numbness, tingling and extreme pain, leaving him or her unable to perform vital job functions.

Lower back pain:

One common symptom of inactivity caused by sitting behind a desk is lower back pain. This symptom is serious and debilitating. Numerous workers are left unable to go to their jobs for days and weeks at a time due to debilitating lower back pain that can radiate down into the legs when it affects the sciatic nerve.

If you’ve contracted a serious office-related ailment, speak to your superiors immediately and formally report the injury so you can get the workers’ compensation benefits you deserve. Fortunately, most injured office workers in New York can benefit from workers’ compensation coverage that pays for their medical care.

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