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What Is A “Slip-And-Fall” Lawsuit?

Slip and fall is a type of personal injury case in which someone slips, trips and falls, and is hurt on another person’s property. These cases normally fall under the broader premises liability category because slip-and-fall accidents usually happen on premises owned or maintained by someone else, and the landlord or property owner may be held legally responsible.

Hazardous conditions such as cracked floors, torn carpeting, poor lighting, narrow stairs or a wet floor can cause someone to slip, trip and fall while inside a building. Other examples of slip-and-fall accidents include tripping on broken or cracked public sidewalks, or tripping and falling on escalators. Furthermore, a slip-and-fall case might result from slipping or tripping due to rain, ice, snow or a hidden hazard such as a pothole.

Proving Slip-And-Fall Liability

There is no exact procedure to determine if a property owner is legally responsible for your slip- trip-and-fall injuries. The course of a slip- or trip-and-fall injury case depends on the degree of care the property owner exercised to prevent such accidents from occurring, and whether you exercised a reasonable amount of caution yourself.

Here are some basic rules to help determine if someone else was at fault for your injury:

  • The cause of the accident was a dangerous condition that the property owner created
  • The owner knew of the dangerous condition but failed to correct it in a timely manner
  • The dangerous condition must present a risk to the person on the property that the person cannot have anticipated under the circumstances.

The Importance Of An Experienced Slip-And-Fall Lawyer

If you find yourselves the victim of a slip-and-fall accident on someone else’s property, it is vital for you to hire an experienced slip-and-fall lawyer. Since slip-and-fall cases can get very complicated, a top personal injury lawyer can help you by meticulously investigating every detail of your slip-and-fall accident to identify the liable parties. Upon identifying those responsible, the slip-and-fall lawyer will aggressively fight for your claim to compensation until you recover all the damage awards you are entitled to.

The Law Offices of Mark E. Weinberger P.C. has a team of skilled and aggressive slip-and-fall attorneys who help uphold the legal rights of clients injured in slip-and-fall accidents. Loss of earnings, medical expenses, pain and suffering due to your slip-and-fall accident may be eligible for financial compensation.

Our personal injury lawyers have an impressive record of winning favorable verdicts and huge slip-and-fall settlements:

  • $1,040,000 for broken foot and herniated disc injuries from slip and fall due to crack in commercial building stairway.
  • $700,000 — Trip-and-fall caused by crack in gas station driveway requiring multiple surgeries for woman’s ankle ligament repair.
  • $540,000 for slip-and-fall injury on slippery floor in hospital

Contact our team of personal injury attorneys today for a free review of your slip-and-fall case. We serve Rockville Centre, New York City and the surrounding areas.

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