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The Dangers Of Traveling On Foot

Walking is the most common way to get around New York City, with sidewalks and crosswalks flooded with pedestrians at all hours. When drivers or pedestrians fail to follow state traffic laws, pedestrians are much more likely to suffer a serious injury or die. Distracted driving and failure to yield accounts for over two-thirds of the pedestrian accidents and fatalities in the city.

If a reckless driver’s actions caused your injuries, you can hold them accountable with our help. The Law Offices of Mark E. Weinberger P.C. has been helping pedestrian accident victims hold negligent drivers liable for over 40 years.

Vulnerable And Exposed

When struck by a car a pedestrian is likely to suffer injuries to the legs, torso and head from the impact with the car or the ground. Unlike the driver, safety features do not protect a pedestrian. Their vulnerability means pedestrians fare much worse during a collision. A struck pedestrian may suffer lacerations, broken bones, a traumatic brain injury or organ damage. The cost of ongoing care and rehabilitative treatment for serious injuries can be financially overwhelming.

Pursuing Compensation After A Pedestrian Crash

Our compassionate lawyers understand the struggles pedestrian accident victims experience. After being hit by a car you may be dealing with severe pain, limited mobility and the inability to work. The loss of independence, both physical and financial, can cause additional distress. A personal injury claim can help you recover damages and secure funds to pay for your current and potential needs.

End The Stress By Contacting Us

If you were involved in a crosswalk injury or another type of pedestrian accident in New York, we can help you recover. Let our firm offer you peace of mind and strong representation while you focus on healing physically and emotionally.

For a free and confidential consultation with an attorney at our Rockville Centre office, please call 516-855-3715 or reach us by email.

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